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Mar 31

Being Strategic in Teams

I have previously posted articles introducing my 5 Components of Team Performance® model. My last article looked at the starting point for this model, the importance of purpose for teams. In this article I am going to discuss a second component of team performance – being strategic.
Feb 09

Importance of Purpose

In my last post on the topic of team performance I introduced the model that I have researched and developed over recent years – the 5 Components of Team Performance®. In this and subsequent posts I will share in a bit more detail some of my thinking about these components. The first of these components is the starting point and a […]
Dec 01

5 Components of Team Performance

In this post I will share an introduction to the model that I have developed to help teams to address some of the challenges of delivering high performance in the modern world of work.
Oct 21

Understanding the Team Discipline

We are continually reminded of the need to ‘do more with less’ – but how do we actually achieve this? One route is to become more disciplined, focused and smarter about how we use teams to address some of the performance challenges that we face.