Translating potential in performance


Organisations require a great deal from their leaders.  Many people find themselves with leadership responsibility having had very limited opportunity to develop their leadership capability.  Leaders are often promoted based on their technical ability; the skills needed to lead others are different.

Andy works with leaders at all levels, helping them to become more effective and to deliver better results.

All his programmes work with the specific context and challenges facing the organisation and their leaders.  His approach is pragmatic.  Andy works with people over a period of time which gives more opportunity to apply learning in order to impact performance outcomes.

How Andy can help to develop your leaders

  • Helping junior managers with the challenges of leading for the first time; finding their way of leading authentically
  • Supporting middle managers with the transition to leading though other leaders; stepping away from the detail and managing performance through others
  • Working with senior managers to develop strategic leadership skills
  • Andy can provide 1:1 coaching to support the development of leadership performance
  • Skills development in areas such as coaching, managing performance, difficult conversations, leading change and thinking strategically