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We have significant productivity challenges in the UK, and the generation coming into the workplace has different needs and expectations. Regardless of size, sector and context, we need to really engage with performance and delivering results. Setting annual objectives, and conducting an appraisal once a year based on these objectives simply does not impact performance.

The ‘traditional’ approach can work in contexts where work is repetitive, practical and requires little ‘thinking’ – but today, where so much of work is about dealing with complex issues, building relationships, working across traditional boundaries, rapid change, turbulence, uncertainty and new technology – the approach of ‘managing performance’ through a process of annual objectives and appraising and (maybe) rewarding against these objectives is not working.

We need to move from Performance Management to an Integrated Performance Culture.

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Andy is collaborating with Pete Flaherty of Marbury Consulting to deliver services to support organisations to develop high performance cultures. Please click on the link below visit our joint website to discover more.

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