Delivering results through higher performing teams


In modern organisations, there is constant pressure to adapt and deliver results in a dynamic, challenging and changing environment. Teams are a vital component in delivering organisational performance, yet research shows that genuinely high performance teams are rare. The complexity of the modern organisation presents massive barriers to the development of truly effective team performance. Andy’s team coaching enables teams to overcome these challenges to deliver enhanced performance.

Extensive research has shown that in order to realise the potential benefits of teams, organisations need to apply teams to the right challenges, and to take a disciplined approach to enabling teams to reach their performance potential.

Team building and team facilitation can support the development of teams; however they tend not to be performance-focused and are usually one-off interventions.  Andy’s team performance coaching is a structured yet flexible approach to raising team performance over a period of time.

Andy can help develop your teams’ performance by

  • Establishing a clear sense of shared purpose and direction
  • Focusing on collective performance in achieving organisational goals
  • Developing team performance in the wider context, by considering the environment in which the team operates
  • Working on what the team needs to do deliver great performance results
  • Helping teams to develop the ability to pause, learn and adapt to change
  • Using a rigorous and robust delivery method
  • Providing a sustainable framework for developing and delivering improved team performance over an extended period of time
  • Educating and developing skills and knowledge that are transferable across teams

Team Performance Diagnostic ®

Providing clarity on how to develop collective performance

The Team Performance Diagnostic® is Andy’s tool to help teams focus on what needs to be done to achieve great performance.

The Team Performance Diagnostic® provides the basis for diagnosis and development of team performance, based on the 5 Components of Team Performance model ®.

This model has been developed by Andy as a result of research and work over 20 years with teams from a wide variety of organisations across all sectors both in the UK and internationally. The 5 Components of Team Performance® provides a practical structure for helping teams at all levels to deliver higher performance.

The 5 Components are illustrated in the diagram.

Team Diagnostic Model - 5 Components

The diagnostic report is produced using responses by team members to an on-line questionnaire looking at the team’s perception of itself in relation to the 5 Components of Team Performance®.

The report can be used on a stand-alone basis or as part of a wider Team Coaching programme.

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